• -28 Years of Clinical Experience
  • -PhD Counseling Psychology
  • -Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • -Certified Addictions Professional
  • -Qualified Supervisor
  • -Expert Witness
  • -Trauma / PTSD Specialist
  • -Marriage Counseling/ Couples Counseling

                                                     TREATMENT OPTIONS…..

Healthy Relatioship Counseling Dr. Leslie Zebel

Healthy Relationships
It takes two people to create a healthy relationship. Relationships can be the most transformative journey throughout our lifetime….

Emotional Abuse Counseling Dr. Leslie Zebel

Abuse: Emotional, Physical & Sexual
Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster

PTSD Dr. Leslie Zebel

Are you suffering from PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Many people with PTSD tend to re-experience the ordeal that set the disease in motion, especially when they are exposed to events or objects reminiscent of the trauma…..

Addiction Counseling Dr. Leslie Zebel

Denial is the distinguishing symptom of addictions. It involves hiding the truth, refusing to talk about the problem, rationalizing, or minimizing the behavior….

Depression Counseling Dr. Leslie Zebel

When should Depression be treated by a professional….

Divorce Counseling Dr. Leslie Zebel

Letting go is a learned process most of us have never learned, it enables us to gracefully move through the challenging emotions that come with an ending….

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