Adult Psychotherapy

Are you looking to achieve a happier life, to reduce unwanted symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, and/or anger outbursts? Do you expect a comprehensive, sophisticated and thorough approach to figure out what is wrong and how to treat it? Do you want to work with a psychotherapist who is actively helping you through a clear plan developed through close collaboration with you and others in your life that you feel are important to your health and emotional well- being?

To fully take advantage of this one chance at life, it is necessary to devote time to focusing on yourself and work on any roadblocks that are preventing your fulfillment. In a safe, comfortable and collaborative environment, I can help you break through the walls and defenses that are preventing your optimal satisfaction.

Sometimes these mental challenges are rooted in the past. You may have fled past trauma and abuse many years ago, but the symptoms continue to severely impact you. Other times, current circumstances may be feeding them. You may be stuck in a cycle of pain and abuse, yearning for the good days. Maybe you are losing hope? I can help.

Dr. Leslie Zebel, provides many specialized services for adults including therapy for:
• Adult children of Alcoholics
• Addictions
• Anger Issues
• Anxiety Disorders
• Bipolar Disorders
• Childhood Trauma
• Couples Therapy
• Depression
• Mood Disorders
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Relationship Issues
• Tele-Psychotherapy

I will work with you towards a more satisfying and joyful life. I will help you create a clear and collaborative treatment plan that is mutually agreed upon and recommend the use of prescription medications only when needed and agreed upon with the individual. Call me @561-585-8787 to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.