• -25 Years of Clinical Experience
  • -PhD Counseling Psychology
  • -Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • -Certified Addictions Professional
  • -Qualified Supervisor
  • -Expert Witness
  • -Trauma / PTSD Specialist
  • -Marriage Counseling/ Couples Counseling

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marriage counseling west palm beach

Are you suffering from a stressful relationship?

Addiction Counseling

Do you remain in emotional anguish even after years of recovery from addictions?

Depression Counseling

Are you victimized and tormented by a devastating trauma / PTSD?

Child Abuse Counseling

Does the pain of your past still haunt you today? (i.e. childhood abuse? neglect, etc.)

Guidance and career counseling

Have past therapies NOT met your goals and expectations, let alone, enhanced your happiness and improved your quality of life?

It doesn’t have to be this way for you!

Dr. Leslie A. Zebel – Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

Therapy for Individuals and Couples in West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach Therapist

Over the past 27 years, I have helped many couples and individuals successfully overcome complex emotional and behavioral challenges. Whether you’ve been traumatized as a child or an adult, depressed, anxious, or you’re facing a significant life transition, we will work together to promote your optimal emotional health and happiness. Central to my psychodynamic approach is the collaborative establishment of safety, trust, and a strong working relationship with each patient.

When we meet, I will work to identify those blocks to emotional self-expression that interfere with the accomplishment of your goals. Sometimes, under the surface, we are holding onto beliefs that prevent us from having healthy relationships with ourselves, our family, and others. These beliefs can result in anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms.  Once these distorted beliefs are recognized and understood, you will experience more freedom and ease with those self-defeating habits, negative cycles and unwanted behaviors. My ultimate goal as a psychologist is to empower and enhance your natural healing abilities to overcome all of your life’s many challenges.

Treatment takes place in my practice in West Palm Beach, FL.  I ensure each client’s comfort and privacy throughout the therapeutic process. Please view my website or call today for more information on services, programs, therapeutic skills, and the advanced education I provide to the Palm Beach, FL community. Positive change is possible for you!


In the news… Two people create healthy relationships. Relationships are the most transformative journey throughout our lifetime. It is a process of learning about ourselves, increasing self-esteem, healing wounds, learning how to understand and listening to others all the while learning the sometimes bittersweet lessons of love. In this segment, relationships expert Dr. Leslie Zebel will outline the fundamentals for healthy and satisfying relationships.

Together let’s take the first step in inspiring and empowering you to be your best self……

-Improving Self Insight
-Relieving Distressing Symptoms
-Resolving Inner Conflicts
-Building Healthier Relationships with Self & Others
-Releasing Emotional Trauma

I have worked with many patients, probably just like you, over the last 25 years to successfully empower them to achieve greater self esteem, more satisfying relationships, enhanced self confidence. I believe through caring, compassion, understanding and clinical expertise, I can help you achieve the life of your dreams.

Dr. Zebel

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