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Confused Lost Unsure that leads to Depressions

A brain disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

When should Depression be treated by a professional?
Sooner or later, everyone gets the blues. Feeling sadness, loneliness, or grief when you go through a difficult life experience is part of being human. And most of the time, you can continue to function. You know that in time, you will bounce back, and you usually do but……..

  • What if you don’t bounce back?
  • What if your feelings of sadness linger, are excessive, or interfere with your work, sleep, or recreation?
  • What if you are feeling fatigue or worthlessness, or experiencing weight changes along with your sadness?
  • What if your memory begins to fail, your motivation and concentration are less ?
  • What if you find yourself getting more irritable and angry and you are yelling at your children and spouse and feeling bad about yourself when you do?

Symptoms of Depression:

  • loss of enjoyment in things that were once pleasurable
  • major change in weight (gain or loss of more than 5% of weight within a month) or appetite
  • insomnia or excessive sleep almost every day
  • physically restless or sadness or depressed mood most of the day or almost every day
  • low mood that is noticeable by others
  • fatigue or loss of energy almost every day
  • feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness or excessive guilt almost every day
  • problems with concentration or making decisions almost every day
  • recurring thoughts of death or suicide, suicide plan, or suicide attempt

Treating Depression: When Should You Get Help?
According to the Diagnosis and Statistical Manuel for Mental Health Professionals if you have five or more of the above symptoms for most of the day, nearly every day, for at least two weeks, and the symptoms are severe enough to interfere with your daily activities, you may have major depression. It is important to speak to your doctor about treatments to start helping you feel better.

Value of Treatment with an experienced professional:

  • Better Sleep
  • Improved sexual desire and performance
  • Pain relief
  • Improved health
  • Better Work Performance
  • Sharper thinking and better memory
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Increased energy
  • Lower risk of future depression
  • Stronger connections with family and friends
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